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A heart-wrenching story that won’t abate

I strongly recommend that you check out the series Heroin Homefront from the Hannibal Courier-Post, beginning with the heartfelt stories from families personally affected by opioids and heroin: .

Thank you. This epidemic is felt in communities across the United States and the world.


The culmination of a prosperous semester

The last day in the Missourian newsroom brought about some good writing and fruitful interviews for an update to follow last evening’s housing authority story.

My final feature is scheduled for next weekend. It will be well worth the wait.

I will be popping in the newsroom next week to fine tune what I have for my final feature. Looking back, I am beyond grateful for all of the friends I have made. I have never attained so much practical, hands-on experience in any realm — let alone my favorite career path!

The affordable housing saga continues…

There may soon be additional affordable homes near Oak Tower. The Missourian story this evening includes a very helpful graphic and a link to the related Lambeth Apartments I reported on earlier this semester.

I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into this new topic; I will also be checking on the Sunshine request for the tax-credit application for the Lambeth Apartments. It’s been exciting this whole semester, and the last day of finals week is certainly no exception! I wouldn’t want it any other way.

It’s all coming together

I am ready to begin compiling my notes relating to the big story. The interview today with the main subject went extremely well; I received some extremely interesting background information that I hadn’t yet uncovered.

The next couple days will be pivotal, but I already have a good plan running in my mind. Now that my finals have concluded, I can give this endeavor my full focus.

Surviving finals and readying for my Missourian finale

The three-count is over, and my exams have been soundly defeated. I am now ready for my final paper in English and a pivotal interview tomorrow for my final Missourian story.

I am extremely excited to be polishing up this story. It’s going to be worth the wait; I think that the work put in by everyone involved will shine through. I can’t wait to play my part in bringing a great story to our readers.

My only regret is that this will be my last story of the semester. I truly wish it didn’t have to end quite so soon.

A light-hearted meeting

Today marked my final GA shift, a realization that made me a bit nostalgic. Had it really been an entire semester since our orientation? Sure enough, I received an excellent assignment that generated a story that is a bit more light-hearted that I had expected.

I know one thing — it’s going to be really hard to walk out of the newsroom at the end of the week, knowing I won’t be reporting the subsequent week.

Just what I was hoping for

I had a great Saturday shift. Although the news of death is never positive, I could tell the subject of this obituary touched a lot of people. I was also responsible for creating the print edition’s calendar of events, beginning next Tuesday. 

I was busy at the front desk, and I was even more excited to sit at the ACE desk for a few minutes to listen to the scanner. Although the newsroom holds but a few reporters on the weekends, we definitely keep our skills honed and our news judgement sharp!